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Top 10 soccer players who are helping during the COVID-19 pandemic

Top 10 soccer players who are helping during the COVID-19 pandemic | Chaos Soccer Gear

Top 10 soccer players who are helping during the COVID-19 pandemic 

The soccer world has been on pause since early March in North American and most of Europe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the wake of leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, and MLS being put on pause, soccer players from around the globe have pitched in to help the cause. COVID-19 has inspired a number of famous soccer stars to donate funds and provide help in other ways during the crisis. The entire world has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; therefore, it makes plenty of sense that players from the world’s game have pitched in to help those in need.  

10. Andy Robertson – Liverpool 

Liverpool full-back Andy Robertson has – according to claims – made donations to six food banks around his hometown of Glasgow, Scotland. Robertson had made the donations anonymously but word leaked out that a famous Scottish soccer player had helped out organizations attempting to feed local citizens. Robertson is known for making many charitable donations but prefers not to get the recognition for his acts of kindness other stars seek. 

9. Marcus Rashford – Manchester United

With 32,000 schools shut across the United Kingdom, there are many children who are going without a free hearty meal each day. Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford partnered with FareShare to help kids across England get the meals they are missing out on. FareShare redistributes surplus food to frontline charities across the United Kingdom. Rashford took to social media to encourage his followers to donate whatever is possible. 

8. Aaron Ramsey – Juventus

Former Arsenal midfielder and current Juventus star Aaron Ramsey made a generous £10,000 donation to Charity Cardiff and Vale Health. The Welsh charity raises money to help the NHS’s doctors and nurses. Ramsey’s donation will go to help staff in their support of treating patients over the course of the next few weeks.  

7. Wilfried Zaha – Crystal Palace

Premier League club Crystal Palace is pitching in to help and compared to other soccer players, stars like Wilfried Zaha are doing something a little differently than donating cash. Zaha has donated properties around London to NHS workers giving them the chance to rest and relax during the chaotic time. It also enables NHS workers to keep their own families safe. Crystal Palace is also calling season ticket holders to check on their well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

6. Paul Pogba – Manchester United

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba used his 27th birthday as the catalyst to help those in need. Pogba pledge to help UNICEF and set up a fundraising page. According to Pogba, if donations hit the £27,000-mark, he will double the amount. The money will go to providing in-demand medical supplies to aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Pogba’s Facebook donation page can be found here. Over 400 donators have participated in the raising of funds.  

5. Jose Mourinho – Tottenham Hotspur (Manager)

Jose Mourinho may be a divisive figure in football, but off the pitch, he has stepped up to help thousands of London citizens. Mourinho helped fill food parcels for UK charities Age UK and Love Your Doorstep. The charities have been working across the UK to deliver much-needed food items to elderly residents. Elderly UK individuals have been recommended to stay behind closed doors and self-isolate even if they do not have the coronavirus. Many older individuals have had difficulty getting groceries and other items. Mourinho has helped older residents in London’s Enfield borough get much-needed items while staying indoors. 

4. SadioMane – Liverpool 

Senegal’s confirmed cases of coronavirus have not hit the heights of countries such as Italy or Spain. However, the number of cases is growing and medical supplies are needed in the African nation. Liverpool forward Sadio Mane has stepped up and donated $41,000 to the National Committee in Senegal to fight the spread of coronavirus. More than 4,200 coronavirus cases have been reported in Africa with 134 confirmed deaths. According to the BBC, Senegal has experienced 130 of those cases with zero deaths currently confirmed. Mane’s donation will go a long way to combating the spread of the virus.   

3. KylianMbappe– Paris Saint-Germain 

Kylian Mbappe has teamed up with the Abbe Pierre Foundation to make a “sizeable donation”. Over 37,000 coronavirus cases in France have been confirmed. The financial sum of Mbappe’s donation has not been confirmed although it is said to be very large. Mbappe has donated funds to help those in need over the years and COVID-19 isn’t the first worldwide issue to inspire him to help out. After the World Cup 2018, Mbappe donated nearly $500,000 (his entire salary from playing in the tournament) to Premiers de Cordée. The charity organization provides free sports instructions to disabled children.   

2. Lionel Messi – Barcelona

Spain has been one of the hardest-hit nations by the coronavirus. Over 78,000 case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Spain while more than 6,500 deaths have occurred. Barcelona star Lionel Messi may be Argentine, but Spain is his second home. In fact, Messi has spent more of his life living in Spain than in Argentina and that is why he has donated €1 million to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Messi wasn’t alone in making a huge donation as former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola also added a €1m donation to help the Angel Soler Daniel Foundation in securing medical equipment. 

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Juventus  

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo and agent Jorge Mendes combined to make a £1m donation to battle COVID-19. The money will be used to fund three intensive care units in Portugal and stop the further spread of the disease in the country. The funds have already been used to purchase ventilators, beds, and other equipment. Not only has Ronaldo helped fund hospitals in his native Portugal, but along with his Juventus teammates, the forward has taken a four-month pay cut. Although the funds won’t be used as donations, they will provide Juventus with the chance to keep its books balanced with the lack of football being played.