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 Chaos Soccer Gear

Playing soccer my whole life, I was always looking for my next soccer ball. I would endlessly browse the soccer stores looking for what was out there, and dream about owning this or that model.

Fast forward to 2015, and about 20 years of playing and watching soccer I had an idea. How hard would it be to create my own soccer ball? The soccer ball that I dreamed about when I was a kid.

After months and months of learning about how soccer balls were made, what made a great soccer ball, types of materials used and hundreds of hours obsessing over minute details...Chaos Soccer Gear was born! This was early 2016.

Mid 2016 the first 2 samples of the Aztec came, and they looked fantastic! The thickness of the material wasn't what I wanted, I was looking for higher quality. We upgraded to a much thicker material, and now the Aztec was perfect! We ordered our first batch of 200 balls and started this journey!

With hundreds of balls sold, the brand has grown to include a high quality soccer-pump and multiple t-shirts. Two new soccer ball designs are currently being developed to expand our offerings and continue to grow the brand.

We take pride that all our balls are 100% hand-stitched and comes with 2 year warranty. Our manufacturer is both BSCI and FAIRTRADE certified to ensure good working conditions, and quality in every product we make. Have any questions? Please contact us at