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Paul Pogba: The World's Most Expensive Soccer Player

In the summer of 2016, Serie A champions Juventus sold midfielder Paul Pogba to Manchester United for a world-record fee of £89 million ($108.34m). With that one transfer, Pogba went from being a fantastic player for Juventus to being the man that would lead Manchester United back to the top of world football. No matter what Pogba did in a Red Devils' shirt this season, there was no way he could ever live up to the gigantic fee; and anything short of a Premier League title in his first season would be seen as a failure. Thus far, his return...

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The Future of the US Men's Soccer Team

US Men's Soccer Team Pinnacle The chants of "USA! USA! USA!", rang loudly around Jeonju World Cup Stadium. In front of nearly 37,000 soccer fans, the United States had defeated archrivals Mexico in a stunning soccer performance. The players soaked in the adulation of the crowd after goals from an American stalwart, Brian McBride, and the new kid on the block, Landon Donovan, saw the Americans into the quarterfinals for the first time in the modern World Cup era.Back on US soil, it was 1:30 AM at kickoff, and most Americans were asleep, missing the incredible 90 minute display in...

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Soccer: More than a Word

What is the definition of the word soccer?  Soccer definition according to the Oxford dictionary: Although North Americans get a bad rap for using the word, it is the British who are the true guilty party. And the ones that came up with the soccer definition long ago. In fact, according to studies, the use of the word “soccer” only stopped being widely used in the United Kingdom during the 1980s. Research suggests that the name “soccer” declined in the UK during the heyday of the North American Soccer League. This influenced British fans to forget the word and change...

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The New Canadian Premier League

  We are currently 33 years past the death of the Canadian Professional Soccer League. A league that couldn't stand on its own two feet. The CPSL crashed and burned after a mere 73 days in existence; a time that the North American Soccer League version 1.0 was going down the toilet as well. Despite seemingly being in this position before, the Canadian Soccer Association has proposed an all-new Canadian soccer league to foster top-class players into its national team. So, the biggest questions surrounding the Canadian Premier League is whether it will work out? And, will it attract fans,...

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We need more Cristiano Ronaldo's in the world

In many cases, the old cliché of never meet your heroes, because they will let you down, is very true. So often many of the sports and film stars of today – and yesteryear – can never live up to the persona that they portrayed in the media or on the silver screen. However, it seems Cristiano Ronaldo is an exceptions to the rule. In fact, the knock on the Portuguese soccer star has always been he is conceited, self-obsessed and vain. Sure that is what has been depicted in the media by soccer supporters with a distaste for the flashy...

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