Chaos Soccer Gear

The Aztec Soccer Ball is our best selling product! It's not only unique, but it's made of premium quality materials to ensure an amazing playing experience and long playing life. We added a protective layer to protect the design, so it won't fade or look worn out over time. The Aztec comes with a 2-year warranty for shape and size. This ball will not only look the part put will be amazing on the field. Be Unique.
  • Classic 32 panels design for best flight
  • 100% Hand-stitched craftsmanship 
  • 1.5 mm high quality, micro-texture dimpled PU.
  • Butyl bladder for excellent combination of contact quality and air retention
  • 4 polyester linings for ball strength, structure and bounce
  • Perfect for: outdoor grass, outdoor turf, indoor turf